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    How to get my system to recognize all 24 GB memory




      I have an i7 930 Bloomfield processor, in an x58 motherboard that I built around 2 years ago. I specifically purchased this computer to eventually be able to run it with 24 GB of memory - but only installed 8 to start with. With the recent reduction in the cost of RAM, I purchased the additional RAM chips necessary to take my computer to the max of it's supposed capability.


      However, when I installed the additional RAM chips - it only recognizes 20 MB and only USES 16 of them. Why?


      I have rotated the chips around, to check if it's a faulty chip that causes the total loss of the 4 MB, and all of them seem to work, so I can be convinced that perhaps my motherboard has a faulty slot.


      However, if the computer can recognize that there are 20 MB of ram, why it it only showing use of 16?


      I've done my research and can find no answers other than "above my head" stuff about changing the bios (not a computer geek - I'm a graphic artist). I did find out that for sure, not only does my motherboard have 6 slots, and will support 24 MB Ram, my 930 Bloomfield chip is also supposed to support 24 MB of ram.


      Please, don't give me the usual answers that I find in other forums to people that have also had this problem of "WHY do I think I need 24 MB of ram". I do a lot of graphics work, with several probrams open at a time, so there is no such thing as more RAM than needed. While perhaps I can get along with only 16, I've purchased 24, purchased a machine that was supposed to support 24 - and would like a little expert help in getting what I've got to work the way it's supposed to.


      Can anyone help me out with instruction on how to adjust my bios if that's what's necessary - as in step-by-step instructions. I'd really appreciate any help that I can get to fix this problem.