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    How to use the Dual-Drive Option?



      I'm thinking of buying an 510 Series 120GB SSD to speed up my system.

      The problem is my bootdrive won't fit and I really don't want to chop it down (It's no media on it, just programs and games 200GB+ on a 2TB HDD).

      Buying bigger/multiple SSDs isn't really an option due to money.

      So I got quite interested when reading the description of the 510 Series:


      "Dual-Drive Option

      The 120GB Intel® SSD 510 Series provides an excellent choice for  dual-drive desktops, a hybrid configuration gaining in popularity. In  this type of set up, the computer accesses the operating system,  favorite applications and games from the SSD for faster boot up and  accelerated application performance, while using the HDD to store data."


      Is this an automated process where the SSD(software/hardware) copies most used data to SSD or do they simply mean I can have two drives in my computer at ones? (duh)

      How would I set it up? Will Intel supply any software if needed? Will performance suffer?


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          I could be wrong, but I believe this feature is what Intel refers to as SRT (Smart Response Technology).


          Don't confuse this acronymn or title with the following things:


          - Intel System Recovery Technology

          - Intel RST (Rapid Storage Technology)

          - SMART (as as S.M.A.R.T., the hard disk monitoring/health feature)


          Before considering use of SRT, please examine the forum and skim through the first 3-4 pages of posts.  You will find many people talking about issues with it.  YMMV.

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            Thank you for your input! Was an interesting article. I was hoping such technology were implementable on the P67 motherboards though. If I don't find a 3rd party app that can do the same job, but on P67, I´ll have to strip my HDD before moving to SSD I guess. =/