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    Intel Core HD Graphics HDMI scaling problem




      I had a i5-650 with an MSI motherboard then recently moved to i5-2400 motherboard and they both have the same graphics problem with HDMI output.


      The resulting image using the built-in HD integrated graphics is too big for the HDTV monitors that I connected them to. I've tried 2 monitors and the picture spills out of the border of the TVs. With Windows, I can install the drivers with the control software to manually scale the horizontal and vertical image but I have 2 problems:

      1. The BIOS setting screen is always too big and I cannot several buttons/selections because they are out of the screen.

      2. There is no Intel HD graphics driver for Linux. I installed Ubuntu and Fedora and they just look too big and I cannot see the application buttons. The monitor size cannot be adjusted and I have no idea how to fix it.


      Is this an issue with the integrated HD graphics and is there a driver for Linux?



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          Most versions of the Linux* operating system include Intel® graphics  drivers. Intel recommends checking with your Linux distribution vendor  or computer manufacturer for updated drivers. I suggest you to review the information here for Linux* drivers and support:




          In addition, Intel® HD Graphics set the video resolution using the driver installed and what it detects on the EDID of the display that is connected. At BIOS level there are no drivers working, just the Video BIOS that is installed by your system manufacturer, so if you have issues with the screen resolution that you are using within the system BIOS menu, you need to discuss that directly with your Original Equipment Manufacturer or motherboard manufacturer.