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    How do I make my-wifi share Internet?




      I need to connect a mini-galaxy samsung phone to a dell xps17 laptop using the my-wifi technology, so that they can share Internet.


      The laptop has the following specs:


      - Dell XPS17

      - Intel i7 - 2630 QM

      - 8 GBs Ram

      - Intel Wifi link N-1000 BGM

      - Windows 7 (64bits)


      While using the My-wifi technology provided by Intel, I am able to setup a connection my computer and other devices, such as other laptops or cellphones.

      They recognize the wifi connection as I program it, with or without security measures activated.


      However, the Internet can never accessed through the cell phone or the other laptop.

      This situation occurs either if the Dell computer is acessing to Internet from a LAN or via a Wifi connection. The dell computer acesses the internet just fine, but the other devices do not, if they're using the my-wifi provided by the dell computer. The devices are able to access other wifis without a problem using the router that gives Internet to the dell. So the problem, must be in the my-wifi setup.

      I have tried changing the sharing definitions I have tried activating an deactivating the Share my Internet on the My-Wifi window. I have changed the channel frequency from 1 to 11, without success.


      I have called Dell about this issue, they say they are not responsible for a third party software that comes by default.

      Intel's troubleshoot solutions thus far have proven futiile.


      Does anyone have this problem?

      Did anyone fixed it?