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    have intel E5800 need board


      I have an E5800 dual core intel and was wanting to put it in a P5PQ Pro Asus. The Asus site shows compatible with E5700 processor. Where can I verify if this will work or should I be thinking of another board. Thank you. Tomm Friend

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          First, I don't see a current ASUS board with the model number P5PQ Pro.  The specs of the Pentium E5700 and E5800 are very similar, same FSB speed, same TDP, etc, except the E5800 is a new model.  It looks like it would work on a board compatible with the E5700, although only ASUS can tell you if, for example, the BIOS does or does not support that CPU.

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            Thank you for your reply.  I was hoping that was the case. The board is the P5Q Pro, sorry for the mistype. I have sent off emails to Asus to clarify and be sure of the bios. Awaiting their reply. Hard to know where to mail a question like this to Asus.

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              Apparently ASUS does not offer the P5Q Pro board anymore, since it's not on their web site.  There are two P5Q boards on their site, one with the P45 and Q45 chipsets.  Your CPU is a new model and not listed in any of those boards CPU lists, as you likely know.


              Here is a link directly to the ASUS support question form, which may work better than your email:




              Good luck!