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    What drivers do I need for D945PLRN to play games?




      I have been given a computer with an intel board that is marked D945P5N D945PLRN.

      I loaded windows xp, but when I load several games I get random error messages for each, to do

      with graphics or memory issues or just random errors that make no sense.


      The games I am trying to load are relatively simple, and the boxes say they require 16-bit colour and DirectX 9 compatible video card with 32MB memory,

      sound card. One game says it needs "Any 16MB DirectX 8.0a, 3D compatible graphics card.

      They all have slightly different specs similar to this.

      I thought maybe I needed some special drivers, so I grabbed 3 drivers from the Intel site that were listed for D945PLRN and Win XP professional.

      I loaded them and I just get error messages when I try to run any of the games.


      Clearly I am missing a step here. So, what else do I need to do after loading windows, to be able to play games on this computer?