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    DP67BG: One or more fans appear to have stopped or been removed.


      I got this error today when connecting my water cooler setup.  I then connected a PWM fan to the CPU header with same error.  I then swapped out the PWM fan with an old 3-pin header fan and again errors.


      I just finished upgrading the BIOS from 1900 to the newest (I think 2040) and the problem continues.


      I can just press enter at the message and the system boots up fine and operates flawlessly.  it's just a PITA to deal with this message.


      Any clues on manually setting fans in the BIOS?  Nothing I seem to change works, and auto doesn't work either.  I even tried to switch to the read header with no changes as well.


      Thanks in advance


      ps, Ilike this new BIOS.  I can auto overclock from 3.5 to 4.5GHz.  Nice work Intel.