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    D525MW won't POST. Memory/Ram problem?


      I can't seem to get my D525MW to post, no matter what.


      I am using Crucial memory CT2KIT25664BC1067 which is a 2 x 2gb kit. (Crucial guarantee this will work with the board)

      I have a Jetway JC203 case, with a 60w psu, 2 x 10 connectors. I've tried a power supply with a 2 x 12 connector - no difference.

      All connected to an LG screen via VGA.


      When I press the power button, the power LED comes on, and stays on constantly. The LED on the board is lit, and the fans switch on. But no POST!


      I've connected up different power supplies, different monitors, different VGA leads, installed different ram, and still nothing. And now frankly I am at a loss what to do?


      I've already RMA'd one board already with the same situation. Not sure I'll be able to RMA again. I keep thinking this is a memory issue, but there's no error signals from the power LED.


      I can't see what is wrong, so perhaps this is a faulty board?


      Any advice/ideas would really be appreciated.