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    Intel S1200btl problems with 2TB limit


      Hi, I'm trying to make this motherboard work and have had many issues with it but I'm down to the last one!  The motherboard doesn't recognize drives bigger than 2TB.  I installed the lastest BIOS release.  I have a couple of these motherboards, the issues are identical on both.  If one single drive is bigger than 2TB it shows up as 746GB in the RAID setup at the end of POST.  In the MB, I have it set to use RAID and  Intel RST.  It sounds strange that a pretty new MB would have this problem so I'm thinking maybe there's something I'm missing.  This all happens pre-OS, but the OS has the same problem.  I ran an Intel utility that said the OROM didn't support drives over 2TB.


      If I setup a RAID5 with, for instance, 4 1TB HDDs, it works.  I get a RAID volume that's about 3TB - looks fine in the OS as well.  The only thing it can't handle is a single drive that's over 2TB.


      Any ideas?  Can this be fixed?