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    Replacement for DP45SG Socket 775 mb


      After about six years of great service, a power surge just took out my DP45SG motherboard despite the fact it was on a battery backup surge protector.


      Since this board is obsolete and no longer supported, can anyone suggest a current board which I could use to replace the bad one without having to completely rebuild my computer and toss out compatible parts such as the graphics card memory. Used DP45SG boards are available on eBay, but having had some rather bad experiences there I would use them only as a last resort.


      I'd rather just replace the old board with a current model that will accept the processor and other stuff I already have.


      Thanks indvance for any recommendations.



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          If it was my board I'd go the eBay path from established sellers (and have done so with success in the past) but if you insist on a new board, you can see Intels socket 775 lineup here: http://www.intel.com/cd/products/services/emea/eng/motherboards/desktop/322402.htm but I note that there are none in the 'Extreme' series that your broken board was so you wont get the same features.


          It'll depend where you live as to which of these can still be purchased.


          Depending on your make and model of surge suppressing UPS, you may find that the manufacturer offers a form of compensation under such circumstances.

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            Flying Kiwi...


            Thanks for you reponse and help. I've found a couple of Socket 775 Intel boards at Tiger Direct along with a bunch of Socket 775 boards which have the Intel chipset from other manufacturers. Also, one supplier has located a supply of DP45SG boards in Europe at $85.00 plus shipping. He's still checking U.S. Sources. However, based on the reviews on Tiger Direct, there are a couple of MSI boards that look like they'll work as replacements for my "Extreme" board.


            In a couple of cases, the reviewers used MSI boards as replacements for the DP45SG and indicated no degradation in operation of their systems. Both rated the MSI boards 5 stars. So, I think that's what I'm gonna do. One board was $50 and the other was $60.. When I originally built my computer it took three tries before I finally got a DP45SG that would work properly. One was DOA out of the box. The second booted but I couldn't get the USB ports and DVD drives to function. The third worked well and has for six years. But, based on ongoing comments here, it's clear that the DP45SG had issues and I think I'm gonna be comfortable substituting a board that has great reviews.


            Your response was greatly appreciated and very helpful.