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    Annoying WIFI icon


      Hi everybody,


      I'm having a hard time to get my laptop up and running. I recently had to replace a hard drive sice then, all sort of things went rong with software. (most of it was Windows). I'm running Windows 7 64bit Home premium on a dell XPS15, whilst setting up the system I encountered all possible problems you might think of, most of them are solved, yet one stuborn problem remains, I think it has something to do with Intell my wifi technology. The drivers I got from Dell waren't working like they should I had a stable wifi connection and a correct wifi Icon, yet the internet sharing option did not work, since I realy need this I uninstalled the driver from dell and installed the driver from intell for my N6200AGN wireless card. The results where hopefull, internet sharing worked like a charm, I also have a stable connection, but the icon representing my wifi is incorrect after powering up th computer out of a sleep mode. It has a yellow star over it (just like it has no connection, BUT I DO HAVE A STABLE CONNECTION) and sometimes there comes a blue circle on it (just like it is trying to connect, which results in that yellow star I mentioned before).

      If i restart the computer the problem seems to be solved, but after putting it in a sleep mode it is again that annoying icon.

      I've tried all sort of things I found on the web, no single method helped.

      P.S. - all drivers are up to date

              - windows is up to date

              - no virusses or other malware has been found

              - the problem stays even when on LAN (the icon doesn't change from WLAN to LAN)

              - according to  comodo system cleaner there are no registry issues.


      I hope somebody can help me with this issue since I wouldn't like to reinstall windows for the third time in less then a year. (You would be suprised what those dell technicians made me do for a dodgy hard drive, I'm still having nightmares of it)


      Kind regards Fré

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          Hi everybody,


          today my computer happend to be in a good mood because the icon is now working as it should have been doing a couple of days ago. BUT now the ICS is NOT working, since I prefer to have ICS working propperly instead of an icon I would like to shoot this problem.

          I haven't installed/uninstalled any software/updates...

          I haven't got any virus/spyware/trojan or other crapware (scanned with MBAM and Comodo internet security)

          System restory points have no effect


          I don't suspect to find the smoking gun myself since I don't know that much about wireless networking but I would like to get some sort of possibility's


          I also tried to reinstall the drivers but they did NOT solve the problem