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    Black screen when switching video inputs


      Hello everyone,


      I just built a HTPC and am using the intergrated intel graphics on the i5-2500 processor. I have the HDMI out going into a pioneer AV receiver what has HDMI switching. The output from the receiver goings into one of the HDMI inputs of my Sony HDTV. The receiver is sending all signals to the same input on the TV. I have my HTPC set to not sleep, dim the display, or turn off the display. When I first turn on the TV and receiver and HTPC everything is fine. When I turn off the system everything turns off except the HTPC. The problem is when I try to turn back on the system the next day, the receiver and TV come on but I get a black screen. I know the HTPC is on because I can hit keys on the keyboard and get sounds but I can't get the TV to display the picture. Any thoughts?

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          I suggest you to confirm and see what happens if you test the system directly, not using the receiver, since the issue could be a communication problem between the video port and the TV connected.


          Further than this, you would need to check with the motherboard or Original Equipment Manufacturer since this issue happens during the initialization of the system, which implies the Video BIOS of the computer, which is developed and manufactured by the system manufacturer