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    Raid Offline after Power On




      I have a problem with a Intel Storage Matrix Raid 1 on my MSI X38 diamond. I created a Raid 1 Volume with 2 Seagate Baracuda 7200.11 750GB disks and installed windows 7 pro 64. After I switch on my system, the storage matrix marked both disk as offline and I can't start windows after a soft reboot the disk are online and the raid volume is availabel and windows will start. I don't know what this is. Can any one help me with this problem?


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          This could be an error on the structure of the RAID, or the integrity of the controller on your system. A BIOS update might take care of the problem.

          For the purpose of troubleshooting, I'd recommend backing up all your information, to avoid loosing any data during the process.


          I'll go ahead and move this discussion to the "Chipsets" Community, considering it is related to a third party motherboard.