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    Where to purchase a i7-2920XM Processor for my laptop? (Boxed?)


      Currently, I have just bought a laptop and it works great for normal use (Toshiba Satellite P505 S8020 with Intel CORE i3), yet as a student, I also want to be gaming as well, and to since I cant buy a whole other laptop, I just want to upgrade to this processor, which supports graphics as well: i7-2920XM . Yet, when searching for Intel i7 Extreme Edition on the website, I only encounter boxed DESKTOP processors, and when I go to amazon, they have them boxed (Mobile) for my laptop, but goes only up tp i7-940XM . Is there anywhere I can find and purchase the i7-2920XM processor? I want to upgrade my laptop's processor for gaming and beter performace.


      Also: Can 8GB Of memory be enough to handle this CPU? I currently have 4GB and do not know if it's enough, my laptop can only go a maximum of 8GB of RAM. Thanks.