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    TACO now available for the SCC


      Dear MARC community,


      TACO (Topologies and Collections) is a highly efficient distributed object platform, which is entirely based on C++ templates. TACO provides easily usable remote method invocation mechanisms as well as powerful object groups. Entire distributed groups of objects can be created, destroyed, selectively cloned and manipulated by various parallel collective operations. Thus programmers can treat entire object groups similarly to single objects.


      The newest release supports the SCC as execution platform and uses the on-chip Message Passing Buffers for fast communication. More details are available in the tutorial https://idun.informatik.tu-cottbus.de/~rrotta/tutorial.pdf. You can get the source code athttps://idun.informatik.tu-cottbus.de/~rrotta/taco-spring2011.zip


      Current information will be available on https://idun.informatik.tu-cottbus.de/mcc/wiki/taco:start. Any questions related to TACO on the SCC should be sent to rrotta@informatik.tu-cottbus.de or posted in this forum.

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          Oh, I forgot to mention, that TACO does not use RCCE, RCK_MPI, or iRCCE. It comes with own C++ code for access to the SCC hardware (configuration registers, LUT, message passing buffers etc). These classes could be interesting on their own and you will find them in taco/net/scc_base and taco/net/scc.