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    core i7 bottom capacitor

      I bought a i7 second hand a while back. I originally received it broken even though seller advertised working. It probably was working except that the seller just shipped it with no protection inside a USPS flat rate envelope along with 6gb DDR3 ram that I bought as a bundle leaving it to bounce around happily while in transit. I am unable to get my money back as paypal has ruled in the seller's favor due to him having a "fake" address so I couldn't return the items to him (therefore ruling is in his favor)
      anyway, whats done is done and time to man up, here are some pics
      anyone ever re-solder on those caps/resistors and know what the values of them are? I have good soldering experience and I am a engineering student so I have *some* skills (I had previously soldered 0.025mm wires to jtag a phone) not to mention I have access to a SMD rework station if needed. Can anyone on the forum please help me identify the components that are missing along with values (specifically the little narrow things, I have no idea what they are)