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    Problem with raid 1 initialization on asus P8P67


      Hello everybody,


      I tryed today to initilize my raid 1 (2x 2to hitachi desktar 7K3000) but it gets stuck at 0.16%.

      I destroyed this raid through the intel "on board bios" and created a new raid 1.

      When trying to initilize it, it stucks at 0.16% too...


      Do you have any idea ?


      Thank you


      EDIT : In fact it's just very slow (10% in 36hours, with few stucks at 3.16% and 6.96%)...

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          The fact that you are able to create RAID within RAID BIOS, this is an indication that the onboard RAID controller works.  I would say, change SATA cables and test hard drive integrity using diagnostic tools from your hard drive manufacturer. Additionally, test power supply, sometimes power supplies may cause issues with Raid. If the problem remains, contact your motherboard maker for more information.