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    New build DZ68DB constantly freezing


      Hi all,

      I have a brand spanking new rig, specs:

      Intel DZ68DB mobo

      Intel core i7 Quad 2600 3.4

      2x 4GB Kingston DDR3-1333 10600

      Stock cpu cooling

      Seagate 500BG SATA HDD

      Samsung 22x DVD-RW

      Coolermaster Extreme 600w PSU

      Club3D Geforce GTX550 TI OC Coolstream

      Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit


      The problem is that the machine hangs or rather freezes randomly, and the only way to resume is a hard reset.  Then eventually, it freezes again.  Sometimes it randomly reboots as well.  I have downloaded and installed the latest drivers for the motherboard and bios, and updated them.  It didn't help.  I have no idea what else I can try.

      Your thoughts on the matter are greatly appreciated.

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          Any chance something is overheating?  You could install the Intel Desktop Utilities app to monitor the temps.  I had something similar on my old PC when a stray fan wire was stopping the CPU fan.  Also are you running the most recent nvidia driver?


          My new PC is almost identical to yours and I did have this happen once, just flipping to a new tab in IE.  But since it only happened the one time, I didn't troubleshoot it further.