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    Incorrect resolution reported when screen rotated.


      We're currently using an embedded PC utilising an Intel GMA 3150 graphics chipset. The LVDS output from the board is fed into a 640x480 resolution monitor onto which we have mounted a resistive touch panel.


      The screen itself is mounted to be viewed in portrait mode. Activating portrait mode is simple, we just set the screen to be rotated 270 degrees in the Intel Graphics Properties control panel. Everything works great, and the screen displays Windows Embedded Standard in the appropriate 480x640 resolution.


      Where we hit a problem is when we attempt to calibrate the touchscreen. Due to some bug, Windows doesn't recognise the screen as being at a 480x640 resolution. Upon visiting the standard Windows "Display Properties" applet, the resolution is listed there as 768x1024, and there is no option to set it to the correct 480x640. It seems that the touchscreen calibration software uses this 768x1024 resolution to perform the calibration, which produces completely bogus results.


      I understand that this is a very niche problem, but unfortunately it is a dealbreaker for us. Does anyone know how to force Windows to recognise the 480x640 resolution? The problem isn't limited to the GMA 3150, either. My desktop PC (GMA 3100) has the same problem.