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    Replace failed SRCU42E




      We have a intel-server with a Intel® RAID Controller SRCU42E.

      We are using an HP Ultrium-1 drive and a RAID 5 configuration.


      Since a few weeks the server hangs when performing a backup with BackupAssist.


      Also when I schedule a copy of files the server hangs and must be restarted with the on/off button.


      How can I replace the RAID Controller without reinstalling Windows server 2003? Which RAID controller can I use to replace the old one?


      Best regards,


      Joost Lauwen

      Spike Technics

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          If you replace with another SRCU42E, the RAID setting can be imported and you don't have to reinstall OS. SRCU42E is the latest Intel SCSI RAID controller so I guess you won't replace it with a different model...


          Anyway, are you sure the RAID controller causes system hang? Have you try to update RAID firmware and driver?

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            I've updates everything to the latest firmware/drivers. This doesn't make any difference.


            It looks like the server is hanging when NTbackup is using Volume Shadow Copy. Also copying a large amount of data between parttions causes a hang of windows.