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    i5-2500K max. optimal Vcore?




      I want to know what is the maximum optimal Vcore for i5-2500K processor. In documentation i found maximum Vcore 1,52V. So i wonder it`s safe to operate processor at this voltage 24/7? How about CPU degradation? It would be nice if this question will be answered by Intel employee.


      Thank you.

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          In this case since the maximum Vcore for this processor is 1.52, it will be running under specifications, so there should be no issues at all.

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            So in other words i can overclock this processor as far as i can keep it cooled to ~70C and Vcore not higher than ~1,5V at 100% CPU load? In this case it is safe to use this processor for daily use? How about CPU degradation in this case?


            I know warranty is void. But in this case i don't care about it. I just want to know limits of overclocked processor for safe and longtime use (no less than 2 years and without CPU degradation). No one wants burn down their processor in couple weeks of using.

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              Keep in mind that over-clocking does not depend only on the Vcore voltage and processor temperature, but also you need to take in consideration other options in the BIOS itself.

              Anyways, since we do not recommend over-clocking we do not provide support on it, however if you still want to over-clock the processor, you might want to do it in an escalated way for processor safety.

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                What is a CPU VID?