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    Problem with SSD


      I have a x25 160GB Intel SSD. I have had it about a year and it has been working great. The other day my comptuer was at a black screen and while powered on, was dead. I rebooted and it returned. it happened two more time over the next few days and then this weekend, just completely would not reboot.


      I used the windows 7 dvd to boot the system and tried to recover the boot system and ran the bootrec.exe utilities.


      The boot dvd sees the windows installation, I can even use the command prompt to see the contents of the drive.


      It just will not boot.


      The system goes through the process and gets to a verifying DMI pool screen, then goes blank and the system is dead.


      The board is a Gigabyte socket 1366 board with and intel 58 chipset.


      Is there any hope? I would really not want to lose everything and start over especially since the drive is working enough to be able to see the contents, but just can't boot.


      I have been told on another message board to run the Toolbox to examine the drive, but without and O/S, how can I do that??


      If anyone needs more information let me know.


      Any help appreciated.  I do not know where else to turn...