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    Compatibility trouble - from Celeron 575 to P8400 FSB




      I have a compatibility issue with replacing my Intel Celeron 575 in my Compaq Presario CQ60-100.

      I have followed the instructions in the original "how to relpace..." from Compaq, and purchased an INTEL CPU CORE 2 DUO MOBILE P8400 2.26GHZ FSB1066MHZ 3MB UFCPGA8 SOCKET P TRAY wich should be compatible according to Compaq's table (?).

      I replaced the processor, but the laptop couldn't start after reassebling. I reversed the process and reinstalled the Celeron 575, and the laptop started again.

      How come this processor isn't compatible? Or am I doing somthing wrong according to BIOS or soewhat. I'm not a computer nerd, but only a rather technical guy with broad limit of trying out stuff like this.

      BTW: The inscription of my purchased processor is:

      Intel P8400_purchased.jpeg