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    DH67CL Legacy PCI Card Problem


      I am trying to install an old PCI card based on the PLX - PCI9050 Chip into the D67CLB3 motherboard. The PCI board is good, I can install it in another brand modern motherboard with quad core processor and it functions normally in Windows 7.

      Using the DH67CLB3, the card is seen by windows 7 and it is able to load the OEM driver with no issues. When I start the software that uses the PCI hardware, it successfully loads the driver and locates the card then the error occurs and it says the 9050 as an invalid CTRL_REG value beyond this the software will not recognize the card it says there is no hardware found at the specified address. I feel there is some interaction between how this BIOS is initializing this card and the OEM software. I am not sure where the problem lies except that it does appear to be unique to  this motherboard.

      Is there some setting that I am missing that can allow this legacy PCI board to work with this motherboard.