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    Help with Failed and Replaced RAID 1


      Help please for a novice.  I have a RAID 1 setup (redundancy on two seperate hard drives) on my desktop and one of the drives failed.  Hard Drive 1 failed and I replaced it.  After replacing the failed drive with the new drive, the screen comes up showing  the following:


      Phoenix ROM BIOS PLUS Version 1.10 A06


      Dell System Dimension XPS Series

      BIOS version A06



      Drive 1 not found:  Serial ATA, SATA-1

      Intel (R) Application Accelerator RAID Option ROM v4.0.0.6211



        RAID Volumes:

        ID   Name                  Level                Strip            Size          Status       Bootable

        0    RAID_Volume 1    RAID1(Mirror)    N/A             149.0GB    Degraded   Yes


        Physical Disks:

        Port   Drive Model                    Serial #                        Size             Type/Status(Vol ID)

        0        WDC WD5000AAKX-0    WD-WCAYUV693631   465.7GB       Non-Raid Disk

        2        ST3160023AS                5MT1ANNJ                  149.0GB       Member Disk (0)


      Press <CTRL-I> to enter Configuration Utility..........

        Strike the F1 key to continue, F2 to run the setup utility



      Ok...what I did.  I got the same error message before I replace the drive but the Port 0 was the same make and size as the Port 2 hard drive.  I have a feeling that I need to set up the Port 2 hard drive as the Port 1 hard drive but, I don't want to lose the data that is on my remaining hard drive which is currently the Port 2.


      I do get to the setup utility but am not sure what to do next to get this fixed.  Could it be so simple as to swapping the mounting position of the two hard drives?  Just plug the cable from the old remaining hard drive into the new hard drive and the cable that is now plugged into the new hard drive into the old?  Did not want to try it without some expert confirmation.


      I do know that the new hard drive is the same speed but that the excess size is useless.....I could not find a smaller one.