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    AMT help needed




      I am new to the Intel Communities.  I have a question about AMT.  I am not sure this is the correct forum.  If its not, please let me know where it should be POSTed and I will move it.


      To begin, I am not a network administrator nor any kind of network guru.  I am a test technician in an engineering environment.   We are currently testing a new single board computer (SBC) that we designed that includes AMT.


      I have set AMT up on the SBC that we are testing (I will call it the client) and am using WebUI to test basic functionality.  With WebUI, I can see all the client details.  I can also reset, cycle power off & on and power down the computer.


      The problem is that when I power down the client using WebUI, the client machine reacts like power was pulled for a second...it just goes down.  Windows does not do a clean shutdown and I lose the connection from WebUI to the client and so can't power the machine back up.


      If I power down the client locally, then Windows powers down cleanly and I can still connect to the client from WebUI and turn the power back on.


      I am sure I have something not configured correctly or not configured at all.



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          AMT power commands all work at the hardware level, independent of the OS.  So, when you tell a system to power down from the WebUI it bypasses the OS to do this.  This is by design, allowing you to shut down a system even if the OS is not responding.  Likewise with the power reset option, it will do a hard reset.  If you want to do a graceful shutdown of Windows your best bet is to use the windows shutdown command.


          As for the the loss of access to the WebUI after you powered the system down, it sounds like it could be a power policy issue.  You can set AMT to run only when the OS is up, or to run all the time.  You can change this option in the WebUI itself when it's up.  Check that and let me know if you have any other questions.

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            Hi Dan,


            Thanks for your response.  It is greatly appreciated.


            Yup, I figured it was doing a hard reset.  At least when issuing a restart or power off/power on, the computer actually restarts.


            I believe I have the power policy correct:  On in S0, ME Wake in S3, S4 and S5.  So, I'm not sure why I can't connect and restart the computer after I do a power down from WebUI but I CAN connect and restart if I do a power down from the client???





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              You've got the right power policy selected.  Have you checked to see if there are any BIOS or AMT firmware updates available from the vendor you got your client from?  It's possible there could be a bug that is causing this.  Can you give me some more details on the client you are using?



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                Hi Dan,


                Thanks for the reply.


                Actually, we are the vendor.    The company I work for designs and manufactures single board computers that we sell to industrial, telephony, military and hospital industries.


                I got a link for free AMT management software and I have some of SOL and KVM working.  I may have all of it working and I just don't know it but I doubt that is the case.   Using the SOL part of the software (at least I think it is the SOL part), I can now shutdown the computer and then restart it.  So is WebUI limited as to its ability to wake a system?


                I don't want to make this a bigger deal than it is but in case a customer calls, I would at the least like to have an explanation as to why we can't restart the client with WebUI.


                By the way, the client is using a Sandy Bridge processor and a PCH 206 chipset.





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                  Hi Again,


                  Can't find anything that works.  Everything else appears to be working...KVM, SOL IDR.  And I can start and stop the computer using a management console I downloaded.  I just can't restart from WebUI.


                  I will keep looking but at this point I'm not super worried about.  


                  Again, thanks for the suggestions,