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    Intel Advanced-N 6200AGN - 54mbit only...


      Hello all,


      (This may have been answered before, But i cant find a solution that works)


      Ive got a Dell Inspiron 15r, Came with a DW1501 card, ripped that out, stuck a 6200AGN inside, and enjoyed 300mbit speeds until now.


      I just reinstalled windows, loaded all drivers back on, and everything worked, BUT the wireless wont connect at over 54mbit/s, when im using a DGN2200 router set at 300mbps speed (WPA2, Channel 12). Im using the exact same driver i used when the card was working at 300mbit/s, but now its connecting ONLY at 802.11g, not 802.11n for some odd reason.


      Ive tried fiddling with the adapter properties, like WMM, but nothing worked. (I even tried different drivers to see if anything happens).


      Does anyone know how to fix this? Ive tried, but I cant get it working.



      Thanks in Advance, Aman