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    Mainboard and Screw Pads


      Good morning everyone!



      I have a question about installing mainboard in case. Generally we install boards in case using screws (six in ATX boards).



      I've heard that it is a good idea to put a pad between a screw and a board to allow the board to "work" [physically] to avoid micro-cracks.


      I've also heard that there is an electrical ground connected to places where screws are installed (so screw will connect mainboard with case) so pads shouldn't be installed.



      I would like to hear from Intel Community/Experts what is the right choose, because I'm really confused and I don't want to install board incorrectly. The pads I'm thinking about looks like this: http://www.windplus.co.uk/supplies/pad_screw_washer.jpg (generally are red).



      Thank you very much!




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          We used to have Intel branded motherboards in the school where I used to work as a computer technician and they came with just the regular brass standoffs and screws securing the boards to the standoffs (which in turn were screwed into the case). There were never any 'micro-cracking' problems with any of these PCs and we had well over a hundred of various Intel branded boards (and over 200 in total).


          Intel boards come with a decent warranty - how long are you expecting these boards to be in use for? I suspect most boards will be well out of date/in need of updating long before any physical or structural problems may develop. The main way to ensure you don't get cracking around the screw holes is to ensure the screws aren't overtightened.

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