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    Need Help Installint CPU on to Motherboard!


      My friend and I are trying to upgrade his CPU on his current computer motherboard.

      The motherboard is an Intel 650i quad core extreme L8458569 and we are trying to install an Intel Core 2 Quad Processor, socket lga775 model q9650We have been researching but have come up with dead ends for drivers to allow us to swap CPUs. 


      What we have tried so far is downloading the recommended driver and then swapping out the CPUs when prompted to, and in the middle of the install the computer turns itself off. It will not finish!  We beleive that this maybe because we bought the CPU from a 3rd party dealer and the chip has been slightly modified, its code name is yorkfield.


      So we are thinking that maybe there is no device drivers out there for a yorkfield processor even though the motherboard says right in the specs that it is compatable with this kind of chip.


      If you have any suggestions that would be soooo awsome!!! We are stuck at this point!


      Thank you,


      Hope to hear from you soon


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          You need to contact the motherboard manufacturer and ask them to provide you a complete list of processor models supported by your motherboard, keep in mind that you do not have an Intel motherboard, it seems that you have an EVGA motherboard:



          Also Intel processors are software independent, so they do not required any type of drivers, however in some cases the motherboard requires a BIOS update in order to support a particular processor, for this matter you still need to contact the motherboard manufacturer.