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    Intel Core i3 with Intergrated Graphics Card - Fails for Video Applications


      Truely I am sad. I have had intel in just about every machine I have ever bought. Now I "upgraded" to the core i3 to find that it crashes everytime I try to play a video or play an online game. From what I have found online, it seems that the intergrated card simply does not have the juice to run the graphics.


      There are myriad examples of these new processors failing in the graphics category and the thing that bothers me most, is how does Intel not "know" that there are issues with its product. I cannot find a single statement, example or discussion around potential ways to make my laptop work as it did when I had a core 2.


      This will probably start my migration away from Intel. I have a Toshiba Satellite with the Intel(R) HD Graphics and all I can do on the thing is surf and use Microsoft Office, any type of call to use Graphics fails. No one at Toshiba has an answer for this.

      Driver Version


      I would greatly appreciate some type of acknowledgement by the good folks at Intel as to why there is no information available on updating this driver, and discussions on the intergrated graphics card option.


      My email is mack.theodore@gmail.com.