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    Intel RAID Boot Failure


      I have four identical drives configured as a RAID 10 array on my system. Today I noticed an alert in the system tray that one of the drives died. I installed a replacement drive (one of these drives has died several months ago, so I had a spare handy).


      Now my system won't boot: In the RAID boot ROM, I see the three remaining drives as "member disks", as well as another non-RAID drive. The array's status is marked as FAILED, and the array is marked "not bootable".


      I expect that if I could get the array to be "bootable" I would be able to get back into Windows 7 and use the Intel Storage Manager software to rebuild the array (which is what I did when I had a disk failed before).


      Any ideas?

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          If the RAID status on the Ctrl+I Utility is FAILED, this means that the structure of the array itself has been lost for some reason, possibly data corruption in one of the drives.  If your system had one failed hard drive, and data corruption occured on another disk, the array itself might no longer be functional, considering 2 disks are no longer being recognized correctly.


          Even if you were able to boot into the operating system (using a separate drive) if the RAID status continues to be "Failed", the option to rebuild would not be available. I apologize for the inconvenience.