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    Software processor load balancing using XP Pro ?






      I am interested in automatic, via software, processor load balancing using XP. From a software delelopers point of view can you instruct XP (upto) how much CPU load to use and no more (if available) say 85% etc....and is there any official xp/intel papers on this with Multicore cpu`s






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          Did you ever get any information on this?


          What are your requirements?  I.e., what is the nature of the processes you wish to load balance?


          In the past, I have developed a program and algorithm for fairly distributing CPU loads across multiple users on multiple CPU systems.  The algorithm is suitable for creating equitable CPU distribution for long-running computational processes.  "Long running" means several minutes or longer.

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            No had no reply at all actually forgot all about posting it. but as i posted about it direct to an intel forum and got no response what so ever i thought basicly i got my answer .... what i wanted to know was (in general) if you ran a program that basicly said i want everything in the way of resources would xp and a Intel Multicore CPU be able to balance the load to other programs at a cut off point say 80% and the rest to be able for general OS operations so the system does not freeze up altogether and be un-usable? being a beta tester for a video conversion program, the creator is only utilising under half processing load of a CPU as worried any more would freeze the OS due to anything else that might be running...

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              The scenario you describe should work fine with normal XP scheduling.  If necessary, the long-running process can be set to lower priority.  That way, any interactive or other activities on the computer will pre-empt the video processing, but the video processing will "soak up" any available cycles.  In this case, I would just try it to see the effect of video processing on the rest of the system.  I run video creation (Camtasia) and the system is fine (even without lowering priority).


              Load balancing software can be useful if you have many users doing intense processing on a shared server.  If that becomes a scenario of interest, let me know.