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    Unable to exclude a partition migrating drive to SSD?



      Attempting to install a new 320 series 300GB SDD drive. My original drive has 2 partitions: the "normal" primary C and a "recovery" D partition.


      When I fire up the Data Migration software, I get a choice to to copy both partitions to the SSD drive, with "as is", "proportional" or "manual" allocation on the destination.

      I get no choice of cloning just the one (primary C) pattition, at least I have found no such way. Attempts to resize the target "recovery" D partition to 0 did not work. And I do not not need a "recovery" partition on the new drive because my old HDD will stay in the box as secondary drive anyway.


      But what's more important, once I clone the drive (with two partitions) swap the drives, successfully reboot and run the Intel SSD Toolbox program (because I want to setup the "optimization utility", I am on Vista), I am unable to do so: the drive selection list contains 4 items (2 partitions for each drive, my old HDD and the new SSD) and I am unable to select anything in it. A click on any item in that list just refreshes it and none of the tool button selection get enabled.


      Help, please!


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          For partition migration, you can use free software like Clonezilla http://clonezilla.org/, Gparted http://gparted.sourceforge.net/ or free tools from Paragon Software http://www.paragon-software.com/free/index.html For problems with Intel Software, I cannot help I use Vista too, I have two HDDs working as IntelMatrix RAID and one Intel SSD and while using Intel Toolbox, its behaves correctly: I can check SMART on all drives and run Intel tools only for SSD.

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            Thanks for the hints and encouragement


            I invested $49 and got Partition Master, removed the RECOVERY partition from the original drive, same from the new target drive, resized the taget partition to the full drive size and successfully copied the source to the target.


            The new drive boots and works correctly, but still no luck with the Toolbox utilities: the new SSD drive (and the old HDD one) show up in the list but the 3 selections of any value for me are labelled "Intel SSD only". Hence I am unable to "optimize" the drive. And obviously I am concerned that the drive is not actually being recognized as an Intel SSD.


            Another concern of mine is that the original drive had about 173GB used while the new SSD shows only about 101GB full after the supposedly susccessful cloning  operation. This can't be right, can it?


            I have found a lot of references to problems with AMD (Asus?) based mobos, I think this is what I have and it is a 2007 vintage, possibly too old?



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              Definitively something is wrong here:

              1. SSD not recognized as Intel SSD - old Intel Toolbox version? What BIOS is telling you, how it identifies your new SSD? Maybe you have a possibility to check the SSD using other PC, newer than you?

              2. 72 GB of data missed during migration - maybe you have compression enabled on the new partition?

              I'm just guessing, I'm afraid that I cannot help much more.

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                Boy, what a story... Let me comment on the second problem first:


                2. My SSD drive has capacity of 300GB, which effectively is about 273GB. After my first partition copy attempt, about 170GB of data got copied, leaving about 101GB available. Then while trying various things I have run another copy, which again SUCCESSFULLY according to Acronis copied the entire partition! And the newly imaged disk showed only about 101GB of copied data - exactly as much there was FREE at the time of copy. Remember, I am on Win Vista, so no automatic TRIM and I could not run the "optimization tool" so the deleted files showed now as available space but COPY was only able move as much data as there was room before it started! And it claimed i was successful nevertheless...

                Anyway, I was able to take care of this by simply running a FAST FORMAT on the drive. Now to the first problem of SSD not being recognized:


                1. My 2007 vintage system has an ASUS motherboard with an nVidia chipset and runs Vista. There is no support for the AHCI protocol in the BIOS, it knows about SATA, SCSI and RAID. Enabling AHCI support by flipping the registry entries did not make the drive being recognized by the tool. After extensive browsing of internet pages I concluded that the only way to get my SSD being recognized and driven by AHCI is to install a modern SATA controller, all of them seem to have support for AHCI by now. An older SATA controller by Asus, which was higly recommended is not being sold anymore.

                I went with HighPoint Rocket 620 Dual Port SATA 6BG PCI Express. The system accepted it and I could see that Vista picked up some AHCI drivers for it but my SSD was still not recognized by the Tool and there were actually no AHCI drivers anywhere in Storage Controllers. I went to look for suitable drivers and found them under "Marvell 91xx SATA 6G Controller". But no luck... I got the drives actually running in RAID mode and still no AHCI! After more looking I have found slightly outdated "Marvel 9xxx AHCI Sata Controller" driver dated 8/11/2009. Installed that one and BINGO!

                The Toolkit now recognizes the drive as an Intel SSD drive. I can see its attributes and information. The only selection still not working is the "Intel SSD Optimizer" which claims "The tool is not supported on the selected drive".


                So.... I can run the system and it is blazingly fast but I will have to stop and go back to my old HDD unless I find a way to TRIM the drive. And this is the subject of a separate post, any ideas?


                Thanks, Greg

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                  Anf finally I got a resolution: in Device Manager, Storage  Controllers, I did an update on the Marvell driver. I yanked it out and  replaced by a generic MS "Standard AHCI 1.0 Serial ATA Controller". That  gave me a few scary popup from Vista, left the Marvell controller in a  suspicious state (according to Vista) and produced a buch of entries  under IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers. But one of them is "Standard AHCI 1.0  Serial ATA Controller" and the Toolbox allows me to run and schedule the  optimization!


                  The system is so fast that my VPN client refuses to connect now. But this would be another story....