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    intel DG31PR boot issue


      I am using intel DG31PR Board,after switch on it doesnt give the beep,Board power LED is glowing,i remove the Hard disk,still its not give beep.Its not give the beep with or without RAM.

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          i have the same issue every 2 months after installing win7 + a new 2gb ddr2 ram: what you should do is the following but after DISCONNECTING your pc from electricity:


          1-remove vga card (if you got one installed by you).

          2-remove all hdds.

          3-remove usb devices.

          4-remove dvd + floppy.

          6-remove all ram.

          7-if there is dust in it try to remove it with soft paint brush including ram sockets.

          8-turn on your pc, you should hear beeps now.

          9-turn off pc and disconnect it from electricity, and connect your hdd, then turn it on, it should work fine now.

          10-add every component after each one, but turn pc off before adding one component after another.

          11-try to update bois with the latest version from intel website.


          hope it works...