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        Any update intel....please...anything?

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          i asked the support when they fix this bug, but the said that there ist no timeframe for fixing it.

          They adviced me to give the SSD back and buy one from an other brand


          i'm very disappointed about the quality of Intel.





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            Lol, what SSD brand intel support recommended you instead of their noname drives?



            I see only one way intel fighting the bug so far - by limiting posting to registered users only and making reigustration process as hard as possible. That is a example of good inter department collaboration work. Well done, guys!

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              It is good that they limit posting to registered users. I don't want to waste my time reading posts from people who will not bother to take the time to register. And, of course, it cuts down on spam.


              As for the registration process, in what way have they changed it to make it "as hard as possible"? I registered quite a while ago, but I do not remember it being difficult.

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                i only wrote what the support (SUPPORT.REPLIES@mailbox.intel.com) wrote to me after asking when the problem is fixed.


                what is the problem with this fact ?



                I don't want to buy a no name brandt, but what are the alternatives ? :/




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                  Hmm, I just bought my 320-series drive, and was going to hold off installing it until they release the fix. The fact that they're actually telling you to buy another one instead of waiting however, weakens my resolve. I'll probably just take the risk now, and if it fails, oh well. RMA.


                  Edit: To clarify. It sounds like they're expecting it to take them quite a while to release the fw update.

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                    MartinNPN, it's disturbing that an Intel representative told you to return the drive and buy another brand.  I've been sitting on my 320 SSD for two months now, waiting for a fix so that I can reinstall Windows 7 and get my new system going.


                    MartinNPN, was your correspondence via email?  If so, can you copy and paste Intel's response?


                    There is a new post by George Greene at this thread saying that they "hope to have a fix in the next few weeks", but not to hold them to that.  That's only slightly more encouraging than the response MartinNPN got.


                    Now I don't know if I should keep waiting or not...    UGH.

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                      Thanks for that info. "In the next few weeks" won't cut it for me though. I've been letting my desktop stand unused for a week now, a machine that otherwise is on close to 24/7. I guess I'll install Windows tomorrow and just make sure to clone the drive once a week or so.

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                        Intel, can you give us a prerelease version of the firmware?


                        I revived my 320, thinking the firmware would be released in the next few DAYS.

                        WEEKS make it somewhat difficult for me.


                        I don't think a beta version could make the situation any worse than it is.

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                          Well all I can say is I don't feel quite as forgiving as the previous posters thanking Intel for identifying the problem.


                          Sure I'm glad its been replicated and a fix is in the making, but that doesn't help the fact that I had to waste a couple of hours re-installing a 1TB platter drive into my iMac and restore all my information after my 320 Series SSD failed on Monday with this 8.4Mb issue after a crash.


                          If it wasn't for the excellent Time Machine in OSX, restoring my system to within minutes of the crash, I wouldn't have been able to refrain from a few expletives I can tell you!


                          In my opinion, a product of this type getting to market with this type of bug is total un-acceptable no matter how well its being handled!!

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                            I have my brand new 80G 320 ssd still packed and sealed waiting for this issue to be resolve before I even dare to use this on my main laptop. Might Intel tell me how long the firmware will take?

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                              healeydave, same thing happened for me - harddrive died right before a client presentation. was not amused. now the rma drive is sitting on my desk, waiting for the firmware to put it back in. Besides writing back my data (I had a time machine backup handy too) I spent several hours now already for opening my macbook (its a pre-unibody, so takes some time) swapping hard drives.


                              This is not acceptable.

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                                healeydave wrote:


                                ... after my 320 Series SSD failed on Monday with this 8.4Mb issue ...


                                As I described in my post in the other thread, if your drive really did show up as 8.4 megabits, you have a different problem.

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                                  I think even if firmware is ready to production and download they must triple check it, before release to public and the reason is the same - to not fail again with some "0Mb bug" or something like "drive is encrypted, please enter a password" when you never put it on...

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                                    Given the number of problems I have seen I continue to refer everyone to my web page on the topic from a gaming point of view




                                    I do not think a SSD is suitable for the primary drive.


                                    The page has links to update the firmware for Intel and I may link to others if needed.

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