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    INTEL core i5 661 DH55HC

      We've got a problem with the DH55HC  when we use 4x 2GB of AData 1333MHz  the computer gives a lot of problems:
      - it reboots when you try to install something
      - it crashes the videos on youtube and hangs the video games
      - it doesnt recognize the VGA onboard with it's amd Catalyst EAH 4670 HD video card . When i remove 2x 2GB from the configuration the AData works perfectly. I upgraded my BIOS to the newest one and used the newest drivers from the web but it didn't solve anything. We use a Intel i5-661 processor and intel shows it is compatible with this board and a 1TB  harddisk. When I tried to install windows the program tells me that it can write files or run the memory test. I installed windows with 6 gb of RAM and on the intel onboard video chip.  When the installation was finished I added 2gb ram of the same A data model and the 8gb's configuration is working but the pc still has problems with the video driver installation after inserting the AMD video card and crashes sometimes. I tried the windows memory diagnostic tool and the result was that there is a hardware problem detected for the RAM. When running the same test for the 1st kit of A data RAM of 2x4 gbs, which is stable and I previously used it, with my 64 bit installation of Windows 7 ultimate, there were no problems shown. With the new kit of 4gbx3 A data RAM of the same kind (timings, frequency everything is identical) the test shows no errors. Only with the 2 together the error is shown. I want to ask why this is happening and can you by any chance give me a solution. A working bios or any kind of fix to boot the AMD catalyst video driver should be helpful.