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    S3420GPV Remote Management




      I was browsing for a simple server motherboard and found the S3420G series, perfect fit for my needs.

      The S3420GPV (entry level) is the cheapest and still fits the bill, but one question remains:


      How is the Remote Management on this board? The specs datasheet pdf file states that there is no BMC and no Remote Management Module support.

      A quick google search later revealed that there are people having 'issues with the remove management provided by this board'. To me, this seems like proof that there is SOME form of remote management, besides the BMC and Remote Management Module. Now, I don't need full KVM support, just SoL and Lights-Out management is fine, but how do I know this is supported for this specific board?


      Is there anyone with this board who is willing to explain the options they have?