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    what kind of processor i can get



      i have a hp biscotti G72 i want to upgrade to a faster processoer i currently have Pentium ual-Core T4500 @ 2300GHz


      i would like to know what kind of processoer i can upgrade to beacuse i dont see comparisions for my motherboard o and this is my mother board info

      Manufacturer  Intel
      Model  1484
      AA Number 77.39
      BIOS Vendor Hewlett-Packard
      BIOS Version Hewlett-Packard F.36
      BIOS Release Date 03/21/11
      System Memory 3.9 GB
      Built-in Audio Driver Component not detected
      Built-in Audio Driver Version
      Built-in Audio Driver Status Non-Intel device detected

      i would like some help if u can assist thanks

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          First, the T4500 mobile CPU is the top of the line in that series.  The T4000 series is the best of the T series.  Beyond that it will take some research to see if there are any processors that will even work in the CPU socket in your laptop.


          But things are not that simple, as the BIOS must support the CPU, and you cannot assume that it will support all CPUs, it more than likely will not.  Laptops are really not made for changing CPUs like desktop PCs are, and frankly I would not recommend it.


          Your best source of information will be HP about this, since Intel does not have information on laptop boards on their web site, since they are very likely made just for HP.