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    Power switch will not work on intel I7 920 motherboard


      . Hello,



      I just recently bought a Gateway FX6800 series computer and made some modifcations by adding a coolermaster haf 922 case for cooling and a coolermaster 650 wat PSU for more power along with a WD Raptor 10000 RPM 300 GB drive. My problem is , is that I cannot seam to get my power switch to work on the board I tested it on my previous board and it works fine. The pin hock ups have no instruction as to what goes where so I was wondering if anyone could help me pictures are included. I have also contacted Gateway and they had no idea how to fix it.









      Specs -


      Case: Coolermaster Haf 922

      CPU - Intel I7 920 2.6 ghz

      RAM: 9 GB of DDR3 memory

      Motherboard - Unkown no model number can be found I think it comes in a package provided by intel

      HD: Western Digital Raptor -> 300 GB 10000 RPM

      Video - XFX GTX 260 DDR3 1 GB 216 shader clock

      PSU: Coolermaster 650 Wat

      Number of fans: 6 including CPU and Video 4 case fans total.


      OS: Windows 7 Home Prem 64 bit


      Note: all equipment has been tested.




      Thanks in advance,




      -> Jacob