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    Advice on upgrading from Core 2 Quad




      need some advice before I go and purchase components. I had an Intel DQ965GF using an Intel Core Duo E4500 @ 2.2Ghz on an LGA775 socket.

      The board is old but has worked beautifully to this day. I use it to run digital recording software. I am upgrading the recording software but require better processors. I want to keep this PC for a while as it is great now and I think it can be made better.


      Question 1


      Can I purchase a Q6700 or Q6600 Intel Core 2-Quad processor and get it to work on my DQ965GF board ? According to Intel's processor compatibility page, it should but need further verification. I am talking about 32-bit processing. Does it come in LGA775 ?


      Question 2


      I use Windows 7 Professional. Will the system board work with more then 4GB RAM if I use PAE (Physical Address Extension) on my Windows 7 boot.ini.

      My work can be done with 4GB RAM but it my software is massive and can use all the RAM I can.


      Any advice you can give me will be greatly appreciated.


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