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    why are my chipset components not being updated


      My chipset is identified by the Chipset Identification utlity as Intel Mobile PM45 Express Chipset

      The link from the results page leads me to a download page where i specify my OS (Win 7 32 bit) and proceed to download a file called infinst_autol.exe that is supposed to update various components of my chipset device/motherboard.  After the file is executed and run there is no updates to any components.

      I have checked with a program called Driver Genius too which mentions that 16 chipset device drivers are outdated such as the Intel IHC9 Family USB Universal Host Controllers, Enhanced host controllers, SM Bus Controller, PCI Express Root PortsHost. LPC interface, DRAM controller and 4 series PCI express root Port.  It also shows that my drivers are dated 2009 and that there are newer versions dated 2011 and with a much increased version number


      I repeat no updates get updated so what is the use of this file that and what have i to do to get these system components updated or why are they not getting updated.  yes, i have minor issues especially with USB ports and would like to see if those niggles go away post updation of chipset drivers


      Thanks for any help on this issue



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          "The Intel® Chipset Software Installation Utility installs the Windows* INF files. The INF files inform the operating system how to properly configure the chipset for specific functionality, such as AGP, USB, Core PCI, and ISAPNP services."


          All that does is update the inf file(s). It does not load or install drivers. You must download and install drivers from your laptop manufacturer. Intel makes the chip sets, not the computer. If you go to the laptop manufacturer's website, there should be a Support link where you can obtain drivers.

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            Thank you but i don't completely understand


            In the package before the last one when i executed the downloaded file it very clearly updated the driver version next to many of the syetm components.  How was that if you say that Intel only provides inf files.......etc etc


            Can you explain please  and Driver Genius program detects outdated drivers and downloads corresponding newer DRIVERS

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              You stated that "infinst_autol.exe" didn't update drivers and it's not supposed to. It updates the chip set configuration file(s). This is different from drivers. In basic terms, the *.inf files let the drivers know what the chip set can do. The drivers are what makes the hardware operate with the chip set based on the inf files.


              I don't know what "Driver Genius" is. It sounds like some third party software that's supposed to track updates. I don't go to third parties for my drivers. The drivers can or should be available from the manufacturer of your PC. They will know what hardware is installed in your PC based on the model number and/or serial number. You can't just load any driver or package of drivers. They are specific to the BIOS, motherboard and hardware in your PC.


              If you are specific about your PC, someone here might be able to provide a link to the manufacturer's support area where you can download the the correct drivers. These are almost always provided free of charge. You don't need to buy software to update drivers.