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      Hi everyone,


      I have been trying to test the Lucid Virtu software on a DZ68DB, but I got some problems, The DVI video signal that comes from the DVI port of the board  sometimes doesnt work, I already  'always enabled' the Integrated Graphics through the BIOS. Once I could run the system with a Discrete video card and the Processor Graphics at the same time, but sometimes when I restart the system there is not any signal on the display and this one goes to sleep, I have Core i5 2500K, 1333MHz RAM, HD 1TB, and as I mentioned board DZ68DB.


      Do you have any idea of why the system does not work properly all the time  and it is such a random thing that sometimes I can get input signal on the display and sometimes not?



      Thanks everybody

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          I've been working on some video issues with my new DZ68DB as well but not with Lucid Virtu.


          I'm wondering if you could try something to see if you can duplicate what I see.  Possibly there is a common issue with the BIOS.


          The problem started when I upgraded to BIOS version 0014 and loaded the default BIOS settings.  All of a sudden my video was blank when I rebooted.  At this point of time I did not have any OS installed so the system appeared dead.  In reality, it was just that the BIOS was re-directing the display as the display is correct when the OS starts.


          This is what I would like someone to try...

          1) Remove all video cards and connect a DVI monitor to the integrated port on the motherboard.

          2) Upgraded to BIOS version 0014.  Let the system power down and reboot.

          3) Go into the BIOS setup.

          4) Load defaults - please tell me what your default video display BIOS settings are especially the primary video port.

          5) Save the settings and exit.

          6) Let the system start up again.

            *** Note, if the video display is blank when the BIOS startup screen normally comes up you will need to follow some additional steps ***

            a) Let the OS continue to load - the screen should display normally

            b) Power down the system normally.

            c) Move the BIOS configuration jumper from RUN to CONFIGURE.

            d) Start the system - you should go into the BIOS setup screen

            e) Change the primary video port to AUTO.

            f) Save the BIOS settings and exit

            g) Change the BIOS configuratation jumper to RUN.

            h) Power down the system.

          7) Repeat the above steps (starting with step 3) with different primary ports such as DVI - digital, DVI - analog, HDMI, etc...


          I can only see the BIOS startup screen when the primary video port is set to AUTO.  Setting to HDMI with a HDMI connector results in no video until the OS starts.  Setting it to DVI with a DVI results in the same thing.  No video means actually that no video signal is given to the monitor because the monitor doesn't even wake up.


          Possibly you need to set the primary port setting to AUTO to get Virtu working.


          I'm also curious to what the default CPU fan control settings are in BIOS.  Mine default to 80 C and 88 C.  This is very high considering I have a 2600K.  I would think the default fan control settings should be much lower.

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            I will follow your steps and I will let you know, also I will give you all the information about my BIOS configuration

            thanks for your reply





            William Galindez Arias

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              I´m stuck in the same issue. Configured to something different than auto and lost bios post messages. Thanks  for the tip on moving the jumper. At least I will be able to restore to a state where I can see the bios again.

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                I have been facing this same issue. I have an Intel DZ68DB and Core i5 CPU 2500K. I'm using the onboard video so the DVI port from the motherboard connected to a Samsung LED monitor. Most of the times I do not face the problem, but intermittently I "hear" the system booting (hard disk drive) but nothing is being sent to the monitor (it stills in stand-by mode). I'm running the last BIOS version I think because it was updated last month. Has anybody found the root cause for this problem? If so, please let me know. Thanks.

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                  Even running in the AUTO option for primary card I'm still experiencing the issue, and it does not occur every time, it's intermittent issue. I contacted Intel support yesterday and I was told the problem is due to my UPS. I do not believe this is really the root cause for this issue. I've never seen of a board that can't be plugged into a energy UPS. Too bad that Intel is not able to pinpoint it.