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      Hi everyone


      I got DQ67SW and Im using bios 53 and the ram channel B doesnt work (dimm slots 4 and 2)

      Even when I try with a single stick of ram on any of thoses dimm slots and no other populated the computer doesnt boot.

      But the same ram sticks works fine on dimms 3 and 1. (tried 3 diferent brands, all work on dimms 3 and 1 and none work on dimms 4 and 2)


      I got the board with an i7 2600 (not K) to do some Xen labs at home using 16gb of ram, but im unable to do so because only dimms 3 and 1 works.

      Btw im using the integrated HD 2000 as video adapter.


      Anyone running this board with 4 sticks?I

      Is there any hidden settings on this board?

      Or maybe I got a defective one?