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    Reinstalled Win7 raid array posts as Failed


      Installed into drive 1 (not the array)

      the Raid 5 Array is posting as failed with the drives not reading as member of the raid., I never touched the array itself, only reinstalled the os onto a differant drive

      no hardware or bios changes,


      anyway to rebuild to fix the issue, Sort of thinking something happened to the MSR that was on the front of the array maybe

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          When a RAID 5 volume appears as FAILED on the option ROM, it means that there has been a corruption on the information in two or more hard drives. There is really no way to recover from a FAILED volume, at least using the tools that Intel provides. I apologize for the inconvenience.  This does not seem to be related to the OS installation, though.

          I would recommend contacting a Data Recovery Center, in case you wish to recover your files.