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    D945PLNM won't get past POST with my new Vid card


      I have an Intel D945PLNM motherboard and I recently bought an ASUS EN210 Silent video card. When I installed the card and booted up the computer I could not even get past the 1st sceen that says Intel and has an option to press F2 for BIOS settings, but if I remove my new video and put back in my old video card a Zotac  9500GT Zone Edition 512mb 128Bit DDR2 the PC boots up fine. I don't think its the power supply becuase my old card requires a 350 watt power suppy and my new card only requires a 300 watt power suppy. I have already updated the lastest chipset driver for the motherboard and also I updated the BIOS and the new video card still does not work. Any suggestions? Do you think my new video card might not be support with the D945PLNM mobo?