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    BIOS cannot find two X25-M80 in RAID 0


      Hi folks,


      Since a few days I am in despair because I can't get my two Intel X25-M 80GB drives working again. I used them for more than a year in RAID0 without any problem and with great performance. Suddenly, the system does not boot again. After trying many BIOS settings (AHCI, legacy, resetting the BIOS, reflashing), both drives cannot be found. The AMD RAID search takes a long time when one or both of the drives are attached (it shows many dots during waiting.................). Prior to this problem sometimes the drives where not found but after a hardware reset of the motherboard the system booted up without problems.


      I use a Gigabyte GA-MA785GMT-UD2H motherboard with onboard RAID. Even if I connect the drives to other ports (e.g. the port which the CD-rom is connected to which still works), the BIOS cannot find the SSD drives. Even in a second PC, the drives are not detected.


      Does anyone have a suggestion how to fix this? It is strange that both drives stopped working at the same moment. I hope I can still retrieve their data (yes I made backups too long ago...seven months of mail lost...).