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    Intel system management software installer freezes ?




      I have S1200BTL server and wanted to install Active System Console or Multi-Server Manager in order to manage it. Since both Active System Console and Multi-Server Manager rise same issue I won't distinguish between these two.

      What I'm trying to do is to install system management software on my desktop to manage my server remotelly - anyway at some point(after prompting for user pass) installer just freezes and never finishes - it responds to cancel button, but progress bar never finishes - just waits.

      My desktop os I tried:

        Windows 7 Pro 64bit  -  support doc states that only Windows 7 Ultimate supported - maybe my fault here

        Windows XP Pro 32bit SP3 - supported os - the same installer freeze as with Windows 7 Pro

      Trying to install latest Active System Console and Multi-Server Manager versions as I post now.


      Any ideas why this is happening ?