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    DZ68DB motherboard - System will not shutdown but reboots instead


      I bought an Intel DZ68DB motherboard and a i5-2500k CPU. My previous motherboard and CPU were Intel as well. I installed Windows 7 64-bit on it and the PC WILL NOT STAY IN SLEEP, HYBERNATION OR POWERED OFF. When I try to do any of those things, it simply powers off for a few seconds and then boots right back up. I've googled and tried everything I could including installing all latest drivers and bios as well as disabling devices to wake from sleep. I also fiddled with cmd: powercfg options which states that S1 and S2 are unavailable. I then performed a fresh install of Windows 7 without loading or updating anything with all usb devices unplugged. The "sleep" button is greyed out in the start menu. When I put PC to sleep, it again boots right back up. This leads me to believe that it a bios issue but I don't see where to enable sleep in the intel mobo's bios settings. Any suggestions?