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    GFXUI has stopped working


      Dell desktop purchased Apr 2010, Windows 7 64 bit, home edition, 1 Gig HD


      At bootup, there is an error box stating that GFXUI has stopped working.  I downloaded Intel's latest driver dated 6/3/11, size 3084 kb.  The new driver did not eliminate the error message.  I have a Dell laptop with the same opeating system, GFXUI dated May 2011, so far no problems with GFXUI or the laptop, no stoppage error messages.  I can find nothing at Intel that would solve the stoppage error message.  The file is located in Windows/System32.


      I don't know what the GFXUI does.   How important is this small executeable file?   My desktop works fine with apparent no change in displays before or after the stoppage error message.  I don't take error messages lightly and would appreciate a fix before something else breaks loose.


      If you know of a fix to the get the GFXUI working again, or, at the very least stop the error message appearing at boot up, I certainly would appreciate your help.


      Thank you

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          The error message you are getting seems to indicate that the video driver is having issues when the computer is booting up. Possibly due to a driver or operating system corruption.


          Please use the Intel® System Identification Utility using the following site:




          That will generate an 8 digits code called Report Reference ID. If you need further assistance please let us have that code, this will provide us information on what is being detected on your system.

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            The "stopped working" message still appears.


            The 8 digit Intel system identification number is 0055 2839.


            For about a week I have been searching through various "help" sites but to no avail.


            I still don't know what the GFXUI does.  It appears that I have the latest version available from Intel.  But, it may be that something regarding the GFXUI has been inadvertently turned off, hidden, deleted, etc.  which is connected to the GFXUI so that it will not execute.  


            My PC/monitor appears to be fine.  I don't play games and other social entertainment programs on my PC.  I do play movies which work just fine.  There was another error box that came up last week but only once and I could not see what it said.  It may be nothing, but with the GFXUI difficulty, this may be the tip of something bigger to come.


            Any help you can give, or direction to take will be most appreciated.



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              Hi Diego,


              I am also facing the same issue that is having Carlos system.


              So As suggested to Carlos I have run the system identification utility & get the 8 digit code same is here below.


              0126 3205


              So pl suggest how to troubleshoot & fix the error.




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                You can test using driver version ( posted here:




                This version has been posted since 2011 and no similar issues have been seen or detected. If the issue persists you should check with Lenovo* using their drivers and checking with them for further assistance on this issue.

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                  Chris Sansom

                  I am having trouble installing the NVIDIA graphics driver for my Idea Pad (Z570).


                  I have downloaded the correct Intel Graphics Driver, for Windows 7 64-bit (which I am using.)


                  I also now need to install the NVIDIA Graphics Driver. I have downloaded the installer, but upon running the installer there is an error message that it is incompatible with this version of Windows. I am installing the NVIDIA driver for Windows 7 64-bit.


                  This problem manifests itself when I try and change the graphics properties of my display, and receive the error message "GfxUI has stopped working."


                  Having run the Intel System Identification Utility my reference code is 0133 6699.


                  Can you please assist?