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    Verify and repair stuck at 96%


      I have a raid 1 setup using Intel Rapid Storage Technology Three days ago there was a BSOD and on reboot the array went into verify and repair mode. It got up to some very high percent complete after a long while (maybe 12 hours) and then I had to reboot the machine. I was surprised to see that the verify and repair started over at 0%.


      Anyways this second time around it's been at 96% for about 36 hours. Something is wrong, obviously. What should I do?


      Also is it normal that after a bsod the disks need such an extensive verification? I just don't remember this kind of process with the previous matrix software. BSOD is not common here but not unknown either.

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          Two days ago the machine rebooted when I was not at it. Crashed I think. Anyways now it's been stuck at 88% verfied for more than a day.


          This does not seem to be an issue with the hdds, at least so I'd guess. Is this software is defective or this version not good? Obviously it's no good if it can't complete verification.


          No input from anyone is a drag too.

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            Eventually I canceled the repair and verify. Now it says everything is normal?


            Does that make any sense at all? What's the point of a repair and verify after BSOD if it never completes, but if you cancel "everything is operating normally"?


            I wish someone from intel would have enough interest in this software to contribute a informed explanation for all of this. It's been a major waste of time over the last week.